Wikipedia Assignment

Why assign students to write essays that are only seen by you (and maybe a few peers and family members), when you could have them contribute to the world's largest, free encyclopedia?!

Why I love this:

  1. Your students immediately see that the work they are doing for your class matters--they are building and sharing knowledge with hundreds of millions of people.
  2. Your students learn a practical skill--how to post on Wikipedia in particular (and on a website more generally).
  3. Your students work is easily sharable--all they have to do is send a URL to their parents, schools to which they are applying, or a potential employer.
  4. It provides free, real world assessment--WIkipedia has a community of editors who will check the facts, references, and language that your students post.
  1. Students select a topic (person, place, or thing) to research. You can specify that it must be a topic that does not yet have a Wikipedia entry or you can allow them to substantially update an existing entry.
  2. Students learn about Wikipedia and how to post:
  3. Students conduct research.
  4. Students receive feedback from you and/or peers on their entry drafts and selected sources.
  5. Students post their entries on Wikipedia.
  6. Students reflect on the experience (including the feedback they receive from Wikipedia editors) through conversation and/or writing.

Professor Alexandrina Agloro