Student-led Conferences

Student-led conferences at Pittsfield Middle High School

Students take charge in a conference with their advisor and parents/guardians about their own learning. They can choose to speak about their short term goals, long term goals that include plans after graduation, and community service. They show examples of their work, and can pick areas in which they are successful and/or struggle. Before the conference, students meet with their advisors to decide what topics they will discuss and have a rehearsal of the meeting. These conferences are more interactive that parent-teacher conferences, with students taking questions from the participants in their meeting. At Pittsfield Middle High School, they have seen student-led conferences boost the attendance of parents compared to parent-teacher conferences. Students also build on their public speaking and interview skills. 

  • student portfolio, or selections of student work
  • classroom space for meetings

Pittsfield Middle High School in Pittsfield, NH.