Real-World Topics

You know that feeling when you work hard on something, only to have it end up gathering dust on the bottom shelf? Instead, how would you feel if every project you worked on had real-world impact?

Think research on a current health crisis. Letters to state or national representatives. Saving a public park with a math project. Students need to know that their work can have a direct impact on the outside world. How much more engaged would they be in their learning? (A lot!)

How can you hack it?
-Let students choose a real-world topic for their next assignment.
-Ask two or three teachers to (lightly) weave the same current event into their lessons for one week.
-Ask an engineer to speak to a geometry class about how he or she uses geometry every day.

For more information on this hack, and to see some examples go to

  • i.e. markers, post-its, laptop or tablet, Google Docs, etc.