Question of the Day (Q.O.D.)

The teacher writes a Question of the Day (Q.O.D.) on a screen/board so all student can see it. Each student is given a formatted sheet that has five large writing cells, one for each day of the week. Upon entry, the students pull out their Q.O.D. sheet, copy down the Q.O.D. up on the screen/board and answer it in complete sentences. Your Q.O.D. may be reflective on previous work, foundational for the upcoming day's work, or related to current events. You can also have students create Q.O.D.'s, and if you end up using their Q.O.D's, they can get some sort of prize. I had my students turn in their Q.O.D. sheets every Friday for a grade.

  • i.e. markers, post-its, laptop or tablet, Google Docs, etc.

I was introduced to the Q.O.D. format by Robin Lise-Nielsen and developed it in partnership with her in 1997 during our time teaching at Central Middle School, San Carlos, CA.