Project Cards

Project cards help visitors to your classroom--whether it's your principal, another teacher, parents or community members--learn more about the activities in which you engage your students. They can also help you and your students understand what you have learned from the project, since they include both teacher and student reflections. Keep on adding up your projects, and you can have a deck to pick from for next year's planning! You can put the cards by your door so your visitors have easy access to them.

  1. Create a card template using Microsoft Word or other programs, like Adobe InDesign. The cards highlighted are 5.5" by 8.5".
  2. On the front of the card, include the grade level, the project name and a picture that represents the project.
  3. Include the driving question behind the project: what were your students trying to answer?
  4. Write a project description: what did they students do? What decisions did they have to make? What did they learn at the end of the project?
  5. On the back of the card, include student products: what did the students create throughout the project?
  6. Include teacher reflections: what did you learn about this project? What worked? What could be improved?
  7. Include a few of your students' reflections: what did they learn? What did they learn about themselves?
  8. Print out and share!
  • Microsoft Word or Adobe programs
  • Paper (preferably cardstock)

This hack was spotted at the Katherine Smith Elementary School in San Jose, CA.