'GAB' Time

A simple, free, way to motivate student cooperation, help to maximize student focus, and minimize your frustration with students shouting out or talking during transition times.

  1. Write a word on the board and tell student that each letter counts as a minute of free time/talk time at the end of class. I use 'GAB' and refer to the reward as 'Gab Time'.
  2. Letters get slowly erased based on student focus, shoutouts and transitions.........I only erase a portion of a letter at a time, a little bit goes a long way!
  3. Be sure to watch the clock to make sure earned 'time' is given or you will quickly lose student cooperation. Make a big deal about giving time and students will see the connection between their actions and their reward and will monitor each other.
  4. * I try not to let one student 'ruin' the day for everyone
  • i.e. markers, post-its, laptop or tablet, Google Docs, etc.
  • Dry erase marker or chalk....that's it