Creating a Classroom Culture of Laughter

Laura Davis, a high school teacher in Hawaii, began working towards making a positive culture in her classroom and school. Taking note of the importance of one of the biggest reasons students came to school, to socialize and be with a community, Laura used improv games, or what she calls "warm-ups" once a week to engage students and create a fun atmosphere that helps students laugh together.

Here is one example of a warm up Laura uses:
Eye Scream
Stand in a circle and look down at someone else's shoes. On the count of three, we'll all look up at the person whose shoes we chose. If that person is looking back at you, you both scream or yell out loud. Then heads go down and we play again.

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  • i.e. markers, post-its, laptop or tablet, Google Docs, etc.

Laura Davis featured on Edutopia