Ca$h for Change

This management technique uses a student "bank account" to have students earn play money and pay fines throughout the day. It teaches U.S. currency, classroom routines, responsibility, and banking.
I knew I needed to incorporate money into my sixth grade ESL math curriculum because many students were not in America during second grade when money is taught. I wanted to incorporate money into my classroom management system. So I went online and "hacked" a few ideas, tweaked my 4th grade teacher's classroom management plan, and used my previous second grade team's plan. Combining these and putting my own twist to make them to work in my 6th grade classroom.

  1. You will need play money. This should be in your school somewhere, talk to the second grade teachers! Each student needs a bank book (one subject composition or spiral notebook), and a plastic baggie for their money
  2. Students will need to set up notebooks to resemble bank transactions: date, transaction, amount, balance
  3. Students will earn money as an incentive for following classroom procedures, attendance, good grades, citizenship, etc.
  4. Students will be fined as a consequence for not following class procedures, or breaking class rules
  5. At the end of each quarter the teacher will hold a classroom auction. Students can use this money to spend at the auction. (Items donated by family and friends make this affordable!)
  • Play money, student notebooks (composition or spiral bound), baggies (for money)