Ask 3 Before Me

Stephanie, a teacher at the Baltimore Design School, uses this management technique in her classroom to encourage her students to work collaboratively and learn from each other, allowing her to stay on task in the classroom. She created a poster for the classroom that reads, “Ask 3 B4 Me” to remind her students to ask three of their peers questions about schoolwork before they ask her. 

  1. Make a poster that says, "Ask 3 Before Me" and hang it in a viewable area of your classroom.
  2. Talk to your students about the new policy of asking three of their peers about schoolwork before they ask you. Make sure they understand what questions they should ask their peers and which ones they should ask you directly.
  3. Have them role play to test out the new policy, with students coming up with questions and asking their peers. Ask them what they learned from each other.
  4. Now that they understand "Ask 3 Before Me", when your students ask you a question, ask what they have learned from their peers. If they have forgotten, point to the poster and tell them to talk to their peers first and then come back to you.
  • Markers
  • Poster Board

This hack was spotted in a classroom at the Baltimore Design School in Baltimore, MD. 


Students email me at night regarding HW and I am terrible at getting back to them in a timely manner. I have instituted the idea of 'ask 3' on my google classroom......Students post questions and answer each other- it is AMAZING how quickly they respond and how they hold each other accountable!